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CodeName: Kids Next Door AfterMath
                              episode 1 operation B.O.R.E.D

after number 1 left sector V to join the galtic kids next door number 5 was left in charge and it started to get boring without number 1.
Wally (4): man, this stinks. without number 1 there is no sector V.
Hogie(2): oh come on number 4 dont be like that, we can still have fun adventures without number 1, right number 3.
number 3 was just sitting on the couch being sad and watching t.v.
Hogie(2):helloooo number 3, we can still have fun right?
Kuki(3): i guess so..... but number 4 is right without number 1 its just.....its just not the same.
Hogie(2): agh, your not helping!
number 5 walks in.
Abby(5): look i know its going to be diffrent without number 1 here but we are still apart of the KND. we can still kick adult butt without him. like wer'e only 10 we got 3 more years to go, before we get decomissoned. we might as well make it last.
Hogie(2): number 5 is right, what do ya say guys.
number 3 starts crying
Kuki(3): I MISS NUMBER 1!!!!!
number 4 sits beside her and hugs her.
Hogie(2): arghhh, this is hopeless!
Abby(5): save your breath number 2, we tried, im going to bed its been a rough day.
Number 5 and Number 2 leave.
number 3 stops crying and number 4 is still holding her in his arms.
Kuki(3): um.....number 4 you can let go now?
number 4 lets go and starts to blush.
Wally: up) i should be going to bed.
Kuki(3): NO!? Please watch a movie with me, PLZZZZZZZ!?
Wally(4):.........ok.......fine.     what are we watching?
Kuki(3): Rainbow monkey sharing and caring funland!!!!!
number 4 jumps off the couch and heads to bed.
Wally(4): ohhhhh no! not some stupid girly stuff.
Kuki(3): please!!!!! (number 3 starts to make puppy eyes at number 4.)
Wally(4): whispers: how do i get myself into these messes? Speaks: i know im going to regret this.......fine. (sits back on the couch.)
Number 3 starts to laugh and giggle happliey.
Kuki(3): YAY!!!!! now you wait here, and i'll go get the popcorn and some of my rainbow monkey blankets. :) (runs off into her bed room)
Wally thinks to himself: gosh the things i do for this girl! come on wally you can tell her, tell her how you feel.
number 3 walks back in.
Kuki(3): im back!!! (she hands number 4 a drink and the bowl of popcorn. she sits down and puts a blanket over them to share. all number 4 is doing is blushing.
Wally(4): cant we watch a good movie without rainbow dorkys in them?
(number 3 throws a pillow in his face.)
Kuki(3): what have i told you about calling rainbow monkeys stupid!!!!! do you wanna end up on rainbow monkey island again?
Wally(4): no..........
Kuki: good then lets watch this movie.
as the t.v. is playing number 3 is eating popcorn and laughing while number 4 is pouting and starting to fall asleep.(it's 11:47)
Wally(4): is it over yet?!
Kuki: almost! hold on its the fanile!!!!!!
Wally(4): the WHAT!!!????
number 4 grabs the remote and changes it and number 3 grabs it back and changes it to her rainbow monkey movie they are soon rolling on the floor trying to get the remote back from each other.
Wally(4): GIVE IT BACK!
Kuki(3): NU UH!!!
then number 3 lands up on top of number 4. they look into eachother eyes, and starts to blush.
number 5 walks in.
Abby(5): WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???
number 3 and 4 get off eachother
Abby(5): it's 11:52!!! we got a mission tomorrow. go to bed!
Number 4 and 3: ok......:(
Abby(5): what were yall doing anyway....?
Kuki(3): oh just watching a movie.
Wally(4): yep nothing else......(he smiles a number 3)
(she smiles back)
Abby(5): watever go to bed!
(abby leaves)
Abby(5): stupid love birds i saw everything. number 86 is going to get so mad if she finds out.
(Number 3 and number 4 are walking to there rooms)
Wally(4): goodnight kuki.......
(number 3 gives him a hug)
Kuki(3): goodnight wally!!!! :)
number 3 walks into her room and shuts the door.
Wally(4): stupid stupid stupid! i blew it! number 5 just had to interpt. (frowns) watever i'll try tomorrow like iv'e been doing for the past 2 years.......(pouts)
the next morning....
hogie(2): number 4 wake up.....we got pancakes!
Number 4 jumps out of bed and runs for the kitchen.
Wally(4): PANCAKES!!! where are they????? there mine!!!!
Abby(5): hold your horse, here you go. (hands number 4 some pancakes.)
Wally(4): yummy!!! now this is my style!  (starts to eat pancakes) hey where is number 3?
Abby(5): probably still asleep you know how she is.
Wally(4): here i'll go get her up.
Abby(5): NO! i....mean....i will.
Wally(4): ok? i'll come with you.
Abby(5): just eat your stupid pancakes. (pushs number 4 out of her way) (leaves)
Wally(4): whats her problem?!
(number 2 shrugs)
number 5 is in number 3's room.
Abby(5): number 3......wake up........number 3......arrghhhh.....we got pancakes?
number 3 runs to her closet and starts getting ready.
Kuki(3): YAY!!! Yummy pancakes!!!!
(she is putting her clothes on and a etc.)
Abby(5): since when do you wear makeup?
Kuki(3): um.....idk....i borrowed some from my mom.
Abby(5): watever come on we gotta mission today we gonna have to eat fast.
number 3 and 5 walk into the kitchen.
Number 3 looks beautiful you can hardly tell she was sleeping, number 4 looks at himself he just woke up he was still in is pj's too. he felt so embrassed.
Number(3): soooo..... where are my pancakes!
Hogie(2): right here( hands her the pancakes) with your favorite rainbow monkey sryup.
Kuki(3): YAY!!!! (starts eating) so did i miss anything?
Hogie(2): not much, we just gotta go against that lame knight brace and we are making up a plan.
(Number 3 starts to frown)
Hogie(2): whats the matter number 3?
Kuki(3): well.....this is our first mission without number 1. :'(
Hogie(2): oh no......look kuki its going to be okay, please dont give up, you still have us.
Wally(4): number 2 is right, you still have me number 3.
Hogie(2): atucally i said "we".
Wally(4): yeah yeah watever.
(number 4 grabs number 3's hand)
Abby(5): is everyone done eating?
Everyone: yep!
Abby(5): good lets go.
(number 2 follows number 5) ( number 3 wips her tears from her eyes.)
Wally(4): hey its going to be okay....i promise.
Kuki(3): ok.....
Wally(4): now come on we gotta mission. (both smile) (then get on rocket ship thing)
At the crime scene...knight brace is loading up this big rocket ship full of toothpaste. and is on top of city hall.
Knight brace: now that number 1 is gone those KND will have no chance of beating me!
Wally(4): you wanna bet!
Abby(5): KND Battlestations!!!!!
they fall out of the plane thing and start to attack knight brace.
number 2 is flying the plane thing and shooting bannaanhs at him.
knight brace captures number 3
Wally(4): number 3!!!! Give Her Back, you ugly brace geek thing!!!
Knightbrace: WHAT!!! no body calls knightbrace a geek!
(trys to hit number 4)
Hogie(2): we gotta knock over his toothpaste rocket ship!
Abby(5): im already on it!
(while knight brace is hold number 3 hostage and trying to attack number 4, number 5 sneaks over and trys to disable the toothpaste rocket.
Abby(5): got it!
the toothpaste rocket falls down and number 5 grabs number 3 from knight brace.
Knight brace: NO!!!!! my toothpaste rocket!! you stupid little brats! come back!
Wally(4): touch her again and it will be the end of you! hits him with KND thing.
Everyone is back inside and heading back to the treehouse. they are giving high fives and screaming YAY!!!!
Abby(5): see i told you we dont need number 1 to kick adult butt.
Kuki(3): yeah i guess your right........thanks for saving me guys
Wally(4): your welcome! did you see me at the end i got the last hit out of him!
Abby(5): show off!
(Number 3 giggles)
Wally(4): hey im not no show off! im the real deal! >:(
Abby(5): sure you are. LOL
Wally(4): watever just hurry up and drive, me and number 2 are going to work on his new machine.
Hogie(2): yeah number 5 we are trying to make a mechancil.
Abby(5): im going im going
Kuki(3): can i drive? please!
Number 2,4,5: NO!
kuki(3): ahhhh, come on plzzzzzzz!
Abby(5): sorry number 3 but your the reason are last ship got crashed.
Kuki(3): fine, when i get older can i drive?
Abby(5): yeah yeah sure. ok guys were here.
Wally(4): fanilly! come on number 2.
Hogie(2): right behind ya.
Kuki(3): lalalalala
Wally(4): so wats for supper number 5?
Abby(5): lets it yourself.
Wally(4): oooo, someone cranky!
Abby(5): no im not it's just been a long day.
Hoige(2): you said that yesterday. come on cheer up! come help me and number 4 on the mechanical thing.
Wally(4): WHAT!!!????
(number 4 pulls number 2 away)
Wally(4): dude dont do it! girls can't work on mechanical stuff it's just not their thing. it's like saying number 3 is going to help us.
Kuki(3): I'm okay......
Wally(4): SEE!
Abby(5): it's okay numbuh 2. I'm going to bed.
Hogie(2): But it's only 6:30?
(number 5 leaves)
Hogie(2): Thanks number 4! >:(
Wally(4): What did I do?!
Number 5 laid on her bed trying to go to sleep but she cant, so she goes over to her desk and pulls out a picture of the whole team and stares at number 1 in the picture.
Abby(5): Oh numbuh 1, why did you leave us...?
                             THE END! :)
this is my story of the kids next door after number 1 left to join the GKND. hope you like it! :)
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ummm i actually like ur writing style and don't wana ruin it but hmm i love the 3x4 fluff and the 2x5 too which u have included in all 7 hmm maybe more villens like father oh yeah KEEP ALL THE RAINBOW MONKEYS THOSE R GOLD X3 Maybe cree or chad honestly i really dont know i think u r waesome without my help XD
KukiXwally Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
LOL thanks your icon is cute too! :D and LOL i'm working on a cree/chad episode right now in episode 8! im going to post up the whole season so everyone will know what they are about and when the deadline is. and thanks again you are an awesome friend! love ya! (as bestie) :hug:
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